Translations and interpreting

Czech, Polish, English and Slovak

Mgr. Zuzanna Matěchová

About me

I am a native speaker of Slovak, Polish and Czech language. Mother Slovak, father Pole living in Silesia. I attended Polish elementary school and Polish grammar school in Ceský Tešín. I have also completed a one-year study of English and graduated from university – field of humanities: Political Science - International Relations. I also studied abroad in Falun, Sweden, at Dalarna University. The semester study program was conducted entirely in English, lead by American lecturer. In spring 2011, I also attended a six-month specialized legal English course. My multilingual origin allows me to think in that language, and to flexibly switch from one language to another. In case of English, I have valuable experience from studying in English at university, where in addition to reading and orientation in English text, seminar work with excellent English were required.

Top reasons to choose me

What benefits can I offer?

My advantage over the competition is complete thoroughness and reliability, I work with professional terminology and search the most accurate terms – I always look up as much information as possible about the issue in the target language of the translation. I also offer the possibility of correction with the help of scientific literature supplied by client or consultation with an expert in the field. I always try to become oriented in the available literature as a way of ensuring the most accurate terminology is captured. For technical translations, I cooperate with an expert at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU); for translations of legal texts, I draw from the experience from legal English course organized by language agency Orange Tree. I am capable of ensuring larger translations (over 30 SP), I can provide a team of translators and see to it that consistent terminology was applied.